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Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you are spending it with family or friends, there may come a time when you need to divert the conversation to a happier topic (we all know how family can get). Try memorizing some of these Thanksgiving tidbits which are sure to take the attention off that crazy aunt. READ MORE >>

There are several things you to look for when trying to find the right insurance in Gulf Coast Florida. The agents at Niceville Insurance Agency understand that everyone's insurance needs are different. The family dynamic, where you live, your home and vehicle, all play an important role in the types of and amounts of insurance you need. READ MORE >>

When I moved to North West Florida over 20 years ago, thanks to the Air Force, my vision of Florida was basically Miami Vice. Since internet usage was really only used for emails, I wasn't able to research the area, but the Air Force did give us a folder full of brochures with pretty beaches and we had the weekend to watch and memorize a 30-minute VHS tape of the same pretty beaches. READ MORE >>

My oldest son likes to send me texts asking questions about car accidents and how insurance works. I have finally trained him to start these questions off with, "This isn't about me..." because we can all imagine that fear of the late-night text, "whose insurance pays when rear-ended? READ MORE >>

It isn’t necessary to have a large storm brewing in the Gulf to know you need good insurance when living on the Gulf Coast. Whether you’re in the market for Gulf flood insurance, auto insurance, or some other form of insurance protection for home and hearth, it is always wise to explore your options and find the best possible coverage available. READ MORE >>

Flash Back to early 2012 and my kids were wanting a dog, specifically a puppy. I finally gave in when a friend of a friend of a friend had puppies that he was giving away. We spoke on the phone and I asked the breed and joked saying, “I’m an Insurance Agent. READ MORE >>

Let’s be honest. Paying for homeowner insurance is something most people don’t look forward to doing. In fact, many actually cringe at the thought of having to pay monthly bills ritually. It is almost as if you may be shelling out money for something you are not using. READ MORE >>

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I dealt with a lot of homeowners as they evacuated to our area. Even though their insurance policy was not with our Florida agency, they just wanted an agent to talk to that could perhaps offer some peace of mind. READ MORE >>

It’s both a blessing and a curse to be an Insurance Agent. I am lucky to be in a career that will always be in need and since it is constantly evolving, I am very rarely bored. However, if you and I are ever out to dinner in Destin and the person at the table next to us is talking about t... READ MORE >>

We never think it will happen to us. There I was, my 5-year old self (I was a pretty good kid then), sitting at the counter eating the standard babysitter dinner of mac and cheese, rocking back and forth on my stool. Our teenage neighbor, Tracy, was babysitting while our parents enjoyed an evening away. READ MORE >>

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