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Have you read the recent story about the mom that used her Domino’s app to order pizza, however she didn’t click the right buttons and ended up with just pizza crust and pepperoni? You think you’re doing it correctly but when that pizza shows up without sauce and cheese, you realize what you are missing! READ MORE >>

In the summer of 2015, after a wonderful day at Crab Island, we decided that we wanted dinner and opened up the Uber app. Along came Matthew, my first Uber driver, who will forever be my favorite! I asked him my now standard question to all Uber drivers – “Does your insurance company know you do this? READ MORE >>

While watching TV, I always see the commercials from a “real person” saying how their previous insurance policy didn’t have Accident Forgiveness or New Car Replacement or Roadside Assistance but luckily they learned their lesson and switched. My dog always looks at me weird when she hears me telling the TV, READ MORE >>

Hopefully, you are taking the time to read this BEFORE the possibility of a Hurricane Claim but if you are sitting on your living room floor staring at the tree through your front window and not sure what to do, this will help guide you. How long will it take to file my hurricane claim? READ MORE >>

For a week in September 2004, we grilled dinner every night, grabbed drinks out of a cooler, stared up at the stars, listened to a local radio station, found our way using a lantern and let the kids play with flashlights. READ MORE >>

Growing up in a family run plumbing business, my dad drilled certain phrases and lessons into me. Being a plumber’s daughter did not cause me to naturally know why we do these things, I was just told to do them. I figured that since my dad is a plumber, he knew what he was doing so I wasn’t going to argue; about plumbing, anyways. READ MORE >>

Niceville Insurance Agency offers the residents of Freeport, FL, and Destin, FL, the best rates when it comes to insurance policies. Still, we understand that purchasing an insurance policy can be confusing to many. These top 6 insurance buying mistakes to avoid making can help make the process easier. READ MORE >>

Condo life… It’s quite common here in the Panhandle of Florida. Whether it is in Niceville with a view of the bay, in Fort Walton Beach looking out at the “sound” or in Destin watching the waves in the Gulf of Mexico, it is one of the best ways to enjoy the Florida life. READ MORE >>

We all know that we have to be more watchful of the email scams that ask for our personal information or even the people that watch us put our PIN’s in at the ATM. Commercials remind us every day to be more diligent and order credit reports to check for accuracy. READ MORE >>

Imagine coming home from a weekend away, walking into your house and stepping in a puddle of water. In a panic, you grab your phone, do a Google search for water damage and call the first company that is listed. READ MORE >>

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