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Springtime brings with it lots of changes in the weather. As we look ahead to pleasant temperatures, we also have to be ready to face certain problems. As warm fronts move across the United States, they bring with them the chance for severe weather. Is your family ready in case storms, wind, hail and more strike your home? READ MORE >>

A question that we hear weekly, and will hear more often as summer vacations are planned, "Does my auto policy cover me when I rent a car?" Well, yes and no. So, without getting into too much of the insurance jargon that sounds like Greek to most people, let me try to explain with a real scenario - READ MORE >>

Let me start this out by saying that I am pretty lucky to still have my natural hair color, even at the age of “early 40’s”.  I’m afraid to color it, thanks to glaring looks from my dad when I was younger when I asked if I could. As I have said before, I should have listened to him more when growing up. READ MORE >>

Have you ever witnessed a Commercial driver after an accident?  No, I am not talking about the drivers you see on TV.  In the insurance world, Commercial means Business.  Back to the question…  Have you?  If you are ever in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to see this, sit and watch. READ MORE >>

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you are spending it with family or friends, there may come a time when you need to divert the conversation to a happier topic (we all know how family can get). Try memorizing some of these Thanksgiving tidbits which are sure to take the attention off that crazy aunt. READ MORE >>

There are several things you to look for when trying to find the right insurance in Gulf Coast Florida. The agents at Niceville Insurance Agency understand that everyone's insurance needs are different. The family dynamic, where you live, your home and vehicle, all play an important role in the types of and amounts of insurance you need. READ MORE >>

My oldest son likes to send me texts asking questions about car accidents and how insurance works. I have finally trained him to start these questions off with, "This isn't about me..." because we can all imagine that fear of the late-night text, "whose insurance pays when rear-ended? READ MORE >>

We never think it will happen to us. There I was, my 5-year old self (I was a pretty good kid then), sitting at the counter eating the standard babysitter dinner of mac and cheese, rocking back and forth on my stool. Our teenage neighbor, Tracy, was babysitting while our parents enjoyed an evening away. READ MORE >>

For a week in September 2004, we grilled dinner every night, grabbed drinks out of a cooler, stared up at the stars, listened to a local radio station, found our way using a lantern and let the kids play with flashlights. READ MORE >>

Growing up in a family run plumbing business, my dad drilled certain phrases and lessons into me. Being a plumber’s daughter did not cause me to naturally know why we do these things, I was just told to do them. I figured that since my dad is a plumber, he knew what he was doing so I wasn’t going to argue; about plumbing, anyways. READ MORE >>

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