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Business Insurance: Enhanced Commercial Security for Florida Business Owners

Running a business takes time, money and hard work. You don’t want to see it all go down the drain. Still, the fact of the matter is that a multitude of harmful, potentially devastating events could come along and put all of your success in jeopardy. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, get business insurance. Policies can help you remain in a stable place even if accidents come along to challenge you. 

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As a business owner, you have a big to-do list. You have to serve your customers. You have to pay bills or salaries. These actions require you to keep your doors open and the business functioning. Business insurance can help you do that by ensuring you have financial help available if problems arise.

Business insurance comes in a lot of different, types shapes and sizes, and all of them might prove of benefit to you. With coverage, the business will be able to weather the storms, both literal and figurative, that might impact its ability to operate. Niceville Insurance Agency can help you sift through your different policy options to get the right coverage.

Property Insurance

A business’s physical assets are among the most-vital to its success. With property insurance, you’ll protect your belongings.  Some of the coverage that might come to your benefit includes:

  • Structure insurance: This protection will cover damage to your building. For example, if a fire breaks out, coverage can help you pay for repairs.
  • Contents coverage: With this coverage, you can insure possessions like computer systems, stock, products or furniture. They’ll have coverage when things like fire or theft damage them.
  • Inland marine insurance: This is coverage that protects items of value that you transport offsite. So, if you routinely move important materials to different sites, this coverage can insure them.
  • Builder’s risk insurance: With this protection, you can cover materials used during contracting jobs. So, materials used on construction projects will have coverage.
  • Boiler & machinery insurance: This coverage keeps electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment or machinery on your premises insured in case of damage or breakdowns.

Talk to one of our agents about all the physical assets you own. We’ll help you determine the right types and amounts of property insurance.

Commercial Liability Insurance

You have a duty to your customers and clients. So, if you cause them harm or other personal losses, you could have to pay up. Some third parties might even sue you for the losses they sustain. Targeted commercial liability coverage can help you make right the problems others sustain by working with you.

  • Bodily injury liability: Should a customer get hurt on your premises, then this coverage might help you pay them for their losses. Coverage can also help you settle any legal costs.
  • Premises medical insurance: Even if you had absolutely no negligence in a customer’s injury, this coverage can help you cover their medical costs, if necessary.
  • Property damage liability (PDL) insurance: If you accidentally damage a client’s property, this coverage can help you pay for repairs and other costs related to the loss. Also, if you rent a property, coverage may help you pay for repairs to the building itself if damage was your fault.
  • Bailee insurance: If a client leaves their property in your care, and it gets damaged in an accident, this coverage can help you pay for the damaged items.
  • Fire legal liability coverage: This is a more-targeted type of PDL coverage. It will help you repay your property owner in case you cause a fire that damages the building.
  • Products and completed operations coverage: Your products or services could cause harm to those who buy them. This coverage can help you compensate affected parties for their losses.
  • Errors & omissions (E&O) coverage: Business owners in professional services (lawyers, CPAs) could cause their clients financial harm through mistakes in professional advice or clerical errors. This coverage can help you compensate them for their losses.
  • Cyber liability coverage: Losses or theft of your commercial data could impact clients. This coverage can help you repair the damage and help clients avoid issues like identity theft.
  • Garage keepers liability protection: If you run an auto service, having garage keepers liability coverage will insure customers’ vehicles in case of fire, vandalism, theft or other damages.
  • Employment practices liability (EPLI) coverage: Employees have rights in the workplace. So, if allegations of harassment, discrimination or other misconduct arise, this coverage can help you respond to the claims and meet related financial obligations. 
  • Directors & officers (D&O) coverage: This coverage will extend targeted coverage to company principals, like CEOs or board members. It will protect their personal assets in case they become targets of legal suits.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle specifically for business uses, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. This is specialty coverage that insures a business’s interest in a vehicle. It might apply to vehicles owned by the business or personal cars a driver uses on official business.

All commercial vehicles will need a few common types of coverage. These might include:

  • Liability coverage: You might be negligent in a wreck that harms other parties. With liability coverage, you can repay them for their losses. Most policies offer bodily injury and property damage liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage: A lot of different hazards could damage your car. Use this coverage to pay for damage from things like fires, weather, theft and more.
  • Collision coverage: This coverage insures damage to your vehicle that results from a wreck. So, if you collide with a fence or another car, this coverage can help you pay for your own damage.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage: If another driver hits you, they might not have the amount of liability insurance you need to pay for your personal losses. Underinsured motorist coverage can help you get the remainder of the money you owe for repairs.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: This coverage will pay for most or all costs of your damage if the other driver has no insurance at all. For example, if you become the victim of a hit-and-run, you won’t be able to use the other driver’s PDL coverage. This coverage can help instead.
  • Roadside assistance: Run out of gas? Have a flat tire on the freeway? Your policy can send expert service providers to you to help you will all those pesky inconveniences. You might also benefit from towing coverage to help you move a disabled vehicle.
  • Rental reimbursement: Coverage can help you pay for a rental while your car receives repairs.
  • Gap insurance: Do you have a loan on your vehicle? Following an accident that totals a car, this coverage can pay you enough money to pay off the car note and eliminate the debt.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): If you or your passengers get hurt in a wreck, this coverage can help pay for things like medical bills, rehabilitation costs and other settlements.
  • Motor truck cargo insurance: If you run a delivery service, this coverage will insure your liabilities in case you damage the items in your charge.

Florida Required Limits: Please note, Florida law requires all drivers to carry PDL and PIP coverage valued at least at $10,000 each.

Workers’ Compensation

By law, most businesses have to carry and offer workers’ compensation insurance to employees. If an employee gets hurt on the job, this coverage might provide help with their:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Ongoing income support

Often, regardless of whether the business was negligent in the accident, you still have to provide this protection. This coverage will therefore go a long way towards helping your business maintain its stability and duty to its employees.

Don’t go another day without proper commercial insurance. Keep your vital assets protected with the right policy from Niceville Insurance Agency. We provide car insurance to drivers near Niceville, Crestview, Ft. Walton Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Freeport.