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Protection for Your Business's Physical Assets

To operate your business, you are going to have to invest money in materials. You might buy or rent a location for your headquarters. You might stock it with inventory and equipment. If a problem arises on the property, then you’ll want to protect these assets, or replace them if losses occur. It is commercial property insurance that will help you do so.

Niceville Insurance Agency is a full-service agency located in the heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast. We are the trusted experts who can help business owners get the commercial insurance that is most-essential to their operation’s sustainability. We can make sure your policy will apply to all critical physical assets at all times, and we’ll make sure your chosen coverage offers a good value for service.

How does commercial property insurance work?

Numerous risks might threaten your business’s structures, possessions or other physical assets, like:

  • Fires
  • Severe weather damage
  • Theft, shoplifting and vandalism events
  • Collisions from vehicles

It is commercial property insurance that will provide you a financial settlement to help you rebuild damaged structures, or repair or replace belongings. Therefore, by buying coverage, your personal cost burden will be significantly less than it would if you had to pay for the damage out-of-pocket.

Who needs commercial property insurance?

Whether you have a small or large business, a sole-proprietorship or a home business, commercial property insurance can come to your assistance if you need it. Never assume that you simply have the financial reserves that can pay to cover property losses. Even seemingly-small accidents might wind up costing thousands of dollars—money that you might not have without insurance’s help.

What is covered under a commercial property insurance policy?

Any of the numerous physical assets in your care might benefit from the many unique types of coverage found in your commercial property insurance portfolio.

  • Structure insurance: This protection will cover damage to your building. For example, if a fire breaks out, coverage can help you pay for repairs. You can usually extend coverage to exterior features that are attached to the building itself, as well as interior features.
  • Other structure coverage: Fences or storage sheds have coverage under this protection.
  • Contents coverage: Use this coverage for possessions like computers, products or furniture.
  • Signage/outdoor fixture insurance: Signs that are not attached to your building will have coverage. Other fixtures and certain foliage might also have protection.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance: This coverage will help you pay for repairs of essential business materials, like failed refrigeration systems.

Rest assured, our agents know how to precisely tailor a policy to your owned assets. We’ll make sure yours contains adequate settlement terms that will fully protect your financial interest in your property.


Does commercial property insurance cover theft?

Most instances of theft will have coverage. It can pay both for lost items and structures damaged during the commission of the crime. Policies will also often cover instances of vandalism.

Does commercial property insurance cover termite damage?

Termite damage is usually preventable, or part of a building’s regular wear and tear. Therefore, your property insurance likely will not cover it.

Does commercial property insurance cover flood damage?

Basic property insurance usually only offers limited water damage coverage. If a pipe bursts and floods the store, then your policy might cover the damage. However, damage from weather-related floods usually has no coverage. To obtain such protection, you will have to get commercial flood insurance.

Does commercial property insurance cover roof leaks?

Because roof leaks are usually part of your establishment’s normal wear and tear, your policy is unlikely to pay. However, if a covered accident, like a tree falling in a storm, damages the roof and causes leaks, then coverage might pay for the repairs.

Do I need other business insurance coverage?

You can often get both property insurance and many other types of protection within a business owners policy (BOP) or a commercial package policy (CPP). Besides property insurance, you will likely need other protection like general liability, inland marine, builder’s risk or business interruption coverage.

What is typically excluded from a commercial property insurance policy?

No commercial property insurance will pay for all assets. Items like cash or commercial vehicles will not have coverage under most policies. Policies also might limit the maximum dollar amounts they will pay for damaged or lost items.

The solution here is to talk to your agent about the most appropriate way to structure all your different policies so they comprehensively cover your losses. Niceville Insurance Agency’s dedicated team is dedicated to helping you protect your vital commercial assets. So, if you own a Florida business that needs this coverage, contact us, and we’re happy to help you get it. 

To find out more about combining coverages, contact Niceville Insurance Agency today at 850.729.2131.